File No. 763.72/9748

The Secretary of State to the Guatemalan Minister ( Méndez )

No. 107

Sir: It is with profound gratification that my Government has received the information that the Republic of Guatemala has declared that a state of war exists between it and the Imperial German Government. Your Government was among the very first to take a stand with the Government of the United States in the defense of the rights of humanity and of international law and justice, and showed proofs of this attitude by breaking relations with the Imperial German Government and offering all cooperation to the United States.

The declaration of the assumption of a state of belligerency toward the German Empire announced by President Manuel Estrada Cabrera, is but another proof of the strong ties of friendship and similarity of views uniting by lasting bonds of common interest the free peoples of Guatemala and of the United States of America. Shoulder to shoulder both countries will prosecute this war, not alone against the enemy in the field, but against his secret machinations in our very midst.

Accept [etc.]

Robert Lansing