File No. 763.72115/3327

The Minister in China ( Reinsch ) to the Secretary of State


If the postponement of the deportation of enemy subjects from China is equivalent to an abandonment of this measure, it is urgently necessary to seek other means for discouraging German intrigue in China, unless we are to give to the Chinese authorities and population as well as to others the impression that we are powerless to protect ourselves. The Allied Powers would obtain to a certain extent the results expected from deportation if arrangements were made with the Chinese Government to repatriate in Germany the leaders of German influence in China. Repatriation is not a measure which the German Government could reasonably protest, nor is it subject to reprisal. The transportation of not more than 200 persons including women and children could undoubtedly be arranged for.

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Therefore, I beg to request favorable consideration of this suggestion and, if it is found acceptable, the taking of joint decision with the other Governments concerned. Here it is necessary to act at the earliest possible moment in order to efface deporable impression which will be produced on the Chinese, as well as on the other nationals, through the suspension of measures taken by the Chinese Government under the pressure of the Allied Governments. But it is first of all necessary that we should have the assurance that measures which shall be decreed in accord with the Chinese Government shall, as the result of execution, meet all obstacles. My colleagues, the British, French, Japanese, Italian Ministers are addressing a similar telegram to their Governments.