War Trade Board Files: Japanese Tonnage Negotiations, Vol. II

The Chairman of the War Trade Board ( McCormick ) to the Representative of the British Ministry of Shipping ( Fisher )

Dear Sir: Referring to your two letters to me of May 11, regarding Japanese tonnage,1 it has been our thought that negotiations for such tonnage should be carried on exclusively by that one of the Associated Governments which seemed to occupy the strongest position for the conduct of such negotiations. I feel that competitive bidding by the different Governments would subject us all to a serious disadvantage. I understand that this subject has been discussed fully between you and Mr. Munson within the last day or two.

In view of the steel and other supplies which Japan is receiving from the United States and in view of our geographical position, I feel that we are in a better position to secure ships and at lower prices than would be possible for any other of the Associated Governments. I venture to suggest therefore that you cable your Government that our views are as above expressed.

Very truly yours,

[ Vance McCormick ]
  1. One not printed.