File No. 894.85/5

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan ( Morris)


Your February 28, midnight. We accept the proposal of the Japanese Government to charter to the United States Government 150,000 tons deadweight steamers for six months, delivery to be effected at the earliest possible date. All conditions as enumerated in your cable, it being understood, of course, that these steamers all have the privilege of trading to and from Europe and Atlantic islands. We agree to pay inter-Allied charter rates, which for your information, are as follows:

4000 to 6000 tons deadweight 43/6
Over 6000 tons deadweight 41/6

these rates being for transatlantic service. United States Government will treat the Japanese crews in the same manner as American crews, as requested.

We thank you for explanation about total tonnage of Japan which is of value in connection with all these considerations.

Department wishes you to express to Minister for Foreign Affairs the appreciation of this Government for the cooperation shown by the Japanese Government in this very important matter. Department gratified at result of your negotiations.