File No. 763.72/8434

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


For Secretary of Treasury [from Crosby]:

No. 33. Chinese question presented to Council of French Ministers; Council stated subject had not been officially considered by their War Cabinet, it was submitted following day with result that French Government asks for some delay before making final decision. Bonar Law also consulting his Government which had not yet officially considered matter. Understand from French that Chinese Government has not yet presented matter to France. Objections to suggestions by British and French based chiefly on the question as to whether tonnage should be allocated for transport of Chinese troops in the present critical situation, also in London certain Government officials assert that 50,000 Chinese coolies now in France, [Page 625] relatively ineffective because the lack of interpreters. I have urged that action by both Governments be in common as soon as possible. Will wire correspondingly. Crosby.