File No. 800.24/73

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin) to the Secretary of State


10836. War Trade Board for McCormick [from Sheldon]:

No. 876. I refer to telegram No. 762, Embassy’s No. 10583, June 12, 7 p.m., sent jointly by some of the Government representatives [Page 594] here in London. I sincerely hope that a favorable decision will be reached on the general subject of program committees and more particularly would like to impress upon you the advisability of a proper representation of the War Industries Board on this side and particularly here in London. I am convinced that much valuable time is being lost both as regards securing a satisfactory supply of raw materials for war purposes and their distribution and control. My reason for bringing this matter to your attention is because I have noticed in many departments of the British and French Governments a failure to understand why a better cooperation is not available from our side, which is affecting disadvantageously British supplies, and, it is to be assumed, the supplies that are being secured by America. The connection between the work of the War Industries Board and that of the War Trade Board here must in any event be very close, and until such time as the War Industries Board are properly represented here by a competent staff, I would suggest that more active use be made of War Trade Board staff here. We are now sufficiently well organized to be able to render them considerable assistance and with additions to our staff could, I feel, give them full satisfaction. I am sending you this suggestion really as an offering on our part here for you to make such use of as you see fit. On Doctor Taylor’s arrival, I will discuss the matter more fully and possibly cable you further.

Cable number 874,1 which I am sending you today on wool, is a good instance of assistance that we could render. Mr. Andrew Weir, Surveyor General of Supply, who handles wool for the British Government, is a personal friend of mine of long standing and he expressed the belief that we could handle here the Argentine situation to the entire satisfaction of the American Government if full authority were delegated, and earnestly requests that this authority be delegated to some one here if it is not desired that it be done by the War Trade Board.

  1. Not printed.