File No. 800.24/60

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp) to the Secretary of State


4084. War Trade Board [from McFadden], for attention War Department and War Industries Board:

No. 149. Formal meeting of Munitions Council was held today attended by Churchill and British delegates and Nava and Italian delegates. We [McFadden and Cravath] were invited by Loucheur to attend Council. We made it very plain to Council that we attended unofficially and without authority of any character and purely for the purpose of reporting to you the result of the conference. The plan as described in our No. 1441 was approved in practically all respects. We will cable you tomorrow after receiving copy of the minutes concerning unimportant modification of the plan. McFadden.

  1. Not printed; see the final memorandum, post, p. 584.