File No. 103.96/621a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page )


7942. For Sheldon [from Woolley, War Trade Board]:

No. 561. Baruch has handed us following:

April 8 War Industries Board submitted to British Embassy here definite proposal for establishment tin executive in London and for controlling the procurement and distribution of tin to meet requirements of United States and Allies. British Embassy and British War Mission asked for authority from their Government to come to agreement with War Industries Board along lines of this proposal. It is regarded as essential that the general plan must be settled by direct negotiations here instead of in London. When general principles determined it is intended to entrust their execution to an inter-Allied central bureau in London. Support this plan urgently explaining necessity for granting immediate authority to British Embassy and British War Mission to conclude agreement here with War Industries Board which has sole authority to negotiate for this country.

Any assistance you can render Baruch will be greatly appreciated by War Trade Board. Woolley.