File No. 800.24/57

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


3875. For Crosby from Cravath:

No. 230. Both French and British Governments are very anxious that proposed Inter-Allied Munitions Council should be organized as promptly as possible in order to insure early settlement of important questions, including more adequate provision for munition needs of Italy. Loucheur has received no answer to his cable on the subject communicated to our Government through French Ambassador about April 15.1 Meantime, French, British and Italian Governments have made their designations who are: Churchill, Minister of Munitions, Sir Charles Ellis, Layton [of Ministry of Munitions], and also a representative of the War Office. French and Italians have designated representatives of substantially corresponding rank; it is hoped that corresponding designation will be made by our Government if principle of organization approved at Washington. It is especially desired that our delegation shall include one representative permanently resident in Paris.

If principle of our representation approved, suggest advisability of early organization with temporary attendance on behalf of our Government by General Pershing representatives, and by representatives of our Council2 and Maritime Council.

  1. The French Ambassador’s note, actually dated Apr. 27, is printed, ante, p. 565.
  2. Inter-Allied Council on War Purchases and Finance.