File No. 103.96/421

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


3530. War Trade Board [from McFadden]:

No. 31. [There] is permanent Inter-Allied Metal Committee, Paris, of advisory character. Committee devotes itself to development [Page 563] of production and distribution of metal supplies in accordance with requirements of the several Allies, always taking into consideration conservation and economic employment of tonnage. Committee further undertakes to prevent competition between Allies in purchasing. Metals considered are wolfram, emery, antimony, chrome ore, etc. American representative on this committee has been General C. C. Williams who is returning United States, and General Pershing has requested me to represent him thereon. As War Trade Board directly interested in these commodities, believe we should be represented thereon or have direct connection therewith, but before accepting wish know if such action on my part would meet your approval. Please show Woolley. McFadden.