Food Administrator’s File

The Food Administrator ( Hoover) to the Food Administration Representative at London ( Sheldon)


[No. 89.] Please inform Rhondda that I am entirely in accord with the views expressed by him in his cable to Lord Reading of 18th.1 Also I am in agreement with his views as to the constantly disconcerting position in France and Italy.

Our reduction in wheat consumption now amounts to 60 per cent of normal and will I believe hold until harvest. This should permit our continued shipment of present programme in flour until July 1. We can maintain a very large meat programme steadily. After July 1 we will have a bad period in wheat until new harvest is generally available about middle of September although we hope to maintain some shipments. Present harvest prospects here, France and Italy if realized will permit relaxation of all bread restrictions except possibly dilution and even this might be reconsidered if harvest proves its maximum possibilities.

  1. Not printed.