Food Administrators File

The Food Administration Representative at London ( Sheldon) to the Food Administrator ( Hoover)


No. 103. Rhondda communicates following:

Unless you are able to send the Allies at least 75,000,000 bushels wheat over and above what you have exported up to January 1 and in addition to the total exportable surplus from Canada I cannot take the responsibility of assuring our people that there will be food enough to win the war. Imperative necessity compels me to cable you in this blunt way. No one knows better than I that the American people regardless of national and individual sacrifice have so far refused nothing that is needed for the war, but it now lies with America to decide whether or not the Allies in Europe shall have enough bread to hold out until the United States is able to throw its force into the field. I have not minced words because I am convinced that the American people if they know the truth will not hesitate to meet the emergency.