File No. 800.88/182

The Italian Ambassador ( Macchi di Cellere) to the Secretary of State

No. 18840/C–1

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to refer to the communication made by Lord Reading to Your Excellency in regard to the request of the United States Administration for cargo tonnage, in connection with the proposed program for the transportation of troops to France.

Lord Reading has informed you that while the subject has been discussed at the last meeting of the Allied Maritime Transport Council, the American representatives did not take part at the sitting of the above said Council as they had no instructions from their Government to do so.

No doubt you have before yourself all the considerations that have been communicated to Your Excellency by Lord Reading, and therefore, I refrain from going over again, to emphasize on behalf of my Government, the subject of Lord Reading’s communication.

My Government has sent me instructions to the effect that I should assent to and support the contents of the communication made by His Excellency, Lord Reading, and I hasten to do so, in the hope that Your Excellency will put me in a position to inform my Government about the decision taken by the United States Government on this very important question.

Please accept [etc.]

Macchi di Cellere