File No. 862.00/302

The Chargé in the Netherlands ( Bliss) to the Secretary of State


5026. Wolff Bureau reports North German Gazette is organ of Independent Socialist Party and bears name Internationale. Reports from various cities in Empire show revolution took place in general without disturbance of order or bloodshed. Committees everywhere urge discipline and order to protect great work of renewal. Königsberg, Danzig, Halle, Osnabruek, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, Strassburg, Dresden, in hands of revolutionaries. Darmstadt committees declared Hesse-Darmstadt free Socialist republic. Grand Duke of Baden recognized new Government formed without consulting him. [Page 493] Stuttgart committee proclaimed republic of Württemberg. Provisional government issued proclamation stating constitutional convention would be convened, extending brotherly greeting to soldiers and workmen all countries and [inviting] them to cooperate with revolutionary German people. Berlin committee assumed full control military affairs, urging soldiers to preserve [order], Landsturm battalions formed committee in Warsaw. Poles hostile toward German troops, refusing them passage; street fighting in Warsaw. German-Austrian National Assembly will vote Tuesday whether to join Germany, leaving form of government for later settlement.

Interview of Chancellor Ebert with representative of Dutch news agency:

The cause of liberty has had one of its greatest victories today in Germany. German people has conquered, and long-established rules of Hohenzollern, Wittelsbach, Guelph, etc., have been overthrown. After Emperor’s abdication, Prince Max, who had already tendered resignation, formally transferred [office of] Chancellor [to me]. When we resigned from Government this morning because Emperor question was not settled according to our will, the soldiers and workmen of Berlin almost unitedly rose up and stopped entire old Government machinery. We thus had in fact all powers in our hands before representatives of old rule transferred them to us.

This revolution has been prepared for long time in Germany, since war’s beginning, and would probably have broken forth immediately no matter what peace concluded; but now even the most sceptical must recognize that the day of monarchy and imperialism in Germany has finally passed. All who have fought us from apprehensions or hatred of that power must now be completely satisfied. The German Republic will know no higher ambition than to assemble all Germans for constructive work of peace. The constitutional convention of the German people’s republic will install a government which will be responsive to the will of the people as far as possible.

Our victory has been almost bloodless; I might say easy and complete. It appears to me entirely out of the question that the old powers can once again fight for mastery. The republic will be the future form of government of Germany and the free German people’s country will be happy to become an equal member of the league of nations of all free countries.

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