File No. 862.00/305

The Chargé in the Netherlands ( Bliss ) to the Secretary of State


5017. Wolff Bureau reports revolution has splendid, almost bloodless success in Berlin. General strike led to complete standstill in all factories. Saturday noon, outstanding regiments have joined movement; officers took to flight. Quiet and orderly in city but great enthusiasm shown. Wolff Bureau under control committee. Chancellor Ebert issued following proclamation:

Fellow Citizens: Prince Max of Baden, until now Chancellor, has transferred to me with the consent of all Secretaries of State the functions of the office of Chancellor. I have begun to form new Government, in consultation with parties, and shall speedily furnish information concerning result. The new Government will be people’s government. Its endeavor will be to bring peace to German people quickly and to establish liberty which it had gained. Fellow citizens, I ask the support of all of you for the difficult task which awaits us. I know how greatly the question of the alimentation of the people, which is the first condition of political life, threatens us. The political upheaval must not disturb the food supply. The first duty of town and country is not to diminish but improve production and supply of food. Scarcity of food is liable to result in plundering and stealing with resultant misery for all. The poorest will suffer the most acutely and the workmen in the industries will be hit the hardest. Whosoever unlawfully takes food or other indispensable things or interferes with the means of transportation necessary for their distribution sins heavily against his fellow citizens. I urgently request you all to leave the streets and maintain quiet and order.

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Chancellor Ebert issues second proclamation:

The new Government has taken up its task of preserving German people from civil war and starvation and of enforcing its just demand for the right of self-determination. It can only perform this task if all authorities and officials in town and country lend their assistance. I know that it will be difficult for many to work together with the new rulers but I appeal to their love of our people. If the organization fails, serious hours would ensue and Germany would be delivered up to anarchy. Help the Fatherland by continuing to work sedulously. Let every man remain at his post until relieved. Signed, Ebert.

Vossische, 9th: Berlin Committee of Soldiers and Workmen is composed of both Independent and Majority Socialists who have joined hands. Committees formed in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Nuremberg, Cassel, Dusseldorf.

Dutch press reports revolution spread to Emmerich, Wesel, Essen. Frontier guards left posts at many points. Twenty-five thousand Dutch workmen returning to Holland from Krupp’s.