File No. 763.72/12107

The Chargé in the Netherlands ( Bliss) to the Secretary of State


4964. Kölnische Zeitung, 5th: There were disorders at Kiel on Sunday; street demonstrations of sailors and workers conducted by Independent Socialists were followed by conflict with military authorities; 8 killed, 29 wounded.

Hamburger Fremdenblatt, 5th, gives following account: Haase and Ledebour telegraphically summoned from Berlin to Kiel to complete committee. On battleship Kaiser officers defended German war flag with pistols in hands but were overpowered by crew who pulled down war flag and hoisted red flag; two officers killed including commander, many injured. Three of four companies infantry arriving at Kiel last night immediately joined movement, fourth company was disarmed. During night hussars were sent [Page 472] from Hamburg but were met one hour’s distance from Kiel by-marines armed with machine gun and forced to return. Committee of soldiers decided officers should retain their positions but must obey orders of committee, original order that officers must remove insignia afterwards revoked. Governor, Admiral Souchon, met at station Monday evening and detained several hours because apprehended more troops would be sent to Kiel. Food control in hands of soldiers’ committee. Machine guns at various parts in city, civilians move freely. Cuxhaven and Wilhelmshaven quiet thus far.