File No. 763.72119/9047

The Special Representative ( House ) to the Secretary of State


35. For the President:

At meeting yesterday afternoon at Versailles terms of military armistice to be offered Germany were discussed, but no final conclusion reached. At meeting this morning at French War Office [Page 445] general discussion was had respecting steps to be taken by Allies and the United States in the event that (1) terms of armistice are accepted by Austria; (2) terms of armistice are refused by Austria. These matters were referred to the military and naval authorities and I am in constant conference with Generals Pershing and Bliss and Admiral Benson regarding the position of the United States respecting them. After consulting with military authorities, it was decided to give Austria until Sunday, midnight, November 3, to accept terms of armistice. It was agreed that we should wait until we receive Austria’s answer before finally determining the terms of armistice to be offered Germany. Meeting at Versailles this afternoon to discuss terms of naval armistice to be offered Germany.

Edward House