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The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall ) to the Secretary of State


5506. Berliner Tageblatt, October 31, report from Vienna: Procession thousands of soldiers and officers in Vienna to House of Parliament. Ministry of War surrounded by many thousands soldiers and workmen. Soldiers’ delegation placed itself disposal National Council and demanded [formation] Soldiers’ Council. Decision taken to create provisional soldiers’ and officers’ committee to> meet members National Council. Small crowds forced officers tear [Page 439] off Imperial cockades. All generals forced to do so. In Vienna itself there were no serious disorders.

Vossische Zeitung reports from Budapest, 31st: Many thousands gathered in front of National Council in Budapest. Four regiments led by officers swore allegiance National Council and marched through streets in great enthusiasm. Two officers members of National Council arrested, but guards joined crowd and aided in storming military prison freeing all political and military prisoners-Republic was acclaimed. Imperial cockades changed by soldiers for national colors. Budapest eastern railway station occupied by crowd where two battalions leaving for front joined mob. Civilians also arrested by mob which having pillaged arms factory had enormous amounts arms and munitions. Budapest infantry regiment No. 32 mutinied and placed itself at disposal of Republic. Report that commandant Budapest put in prison by Hungarian soldiers.