File No. 763.72119/8986

The Special Representative ( House ) to the Secretary of State


13. For the President:

At the meeting this afternoon practically entire time was consumed with a discussion between George and Clemenceau as to who should accept the surrender of the Turks—the British or the French admiral. Discussion was [most] bitter at times and of course I did not participate in it. It was virtually agreed by French, British, and Italians that the proposed answer to the President’s communication as drafted by the British and as cabled you this morning, should be adopted as the answer of the Allies, so far as Germany was concerned. It was agreed that the terms of the military and naval armistice to be offered Austria should be reviewed by the Allied generals and admirals, and when completed should be transmitted direct through General Diaz to the Austrian commander-in-chief. This has the advantage of avoiding political discussion respecting Italian and other claims before capitulation of Austria [received]. [Armistice terms to be discussed?] by the conference set for tomorrow at 11.30 at my headquarters, of George, Clemenceau, Orlando, Foch and myself. Full meeting of Supreme War Council called for 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon at Versailles.

Edward House