File No. 763.72119/2041

The Chargé in Great Britain ( Laughlin) to the Secretary of State


2564. Your 1569, September 24,1 and Embassy’s 2205, September 25,2 and 2380, October 1.3 Foreign Office informs me that during [Page 341] the past few days, the Turkish Government has made several tentative approaches on the subject of peace which are, however, too vague to conceive seriously. Some of these offers have been from more or less irresponsible persons suggesting the stirring up of internal troubles and so forth. One offer came through Switzerland appearing to emanate from the Sultan individually, as apart from the Turkish Government, and another which has just been received through Athens for Turkish emissaries there claiming to be representatives of Rahmi Pasha, Governor of Syria [Smyrna].

The Foreign Office consider that there is nothing to be gained from the above-mentioned proposals and have promised to keep me informed should anything worth considering arise.

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