File No. 763.72/11591

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp) to the Secretary of State



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As of interest in the industrial and economic world, having also no little political influence, as it affects the Socialist opposition, the coming to Paris of Mr. Gompers has excited great interest. On Friday [Page 331] I saw him enthusiastically acclaimed by 5,000 working men and women in the great dining hall of the Citroën shell works. Mr. Pichon expressed to me most lively satisfaction over the effect which the visit of Mr. Gompers was having among the laboring people. His receptions both by President Poincaré and Mr. Clemenceau were very cordial. Mr. Citroën during my visit at his factory told me that 6,000 of his employees out of 11,000 had subscribed to the last French loan averaging 200 francs per capita. He said that complete harmony prevailed among his employees.

Although the Paris papers evidently have not been permitted to publish the news, yet I learn that there have been renewed strikes within the past few days on the part of women workers in various employments, chiefly dress makers. No importance however is attached to this manifestation.