File No. 811.51/691b

The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in the Allied and Associated Countries

[Circular telegram]

Herewith Department sends you a Presidential address to be delivered in New York Friday night, September 27. By the President’s direction you will hand a copy to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and at the same time make a request for an expression of the opinion of his Government of the various statements contained in the address, calling particular attention to last paragraph. When you have obtained such opinion cable it to the Department at once. Also please furnish copy of the address only to the representative of the Committee on Public Information, with the statement that it is released for publication in the morning papers of Saturday, September 28. If there is no representative of the Committee on Public [Page 316] Information, you will yourself give copies to the press for publication in Saturday’s papers. Following is the text of the address:1

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. Infra.