File No. 763.72119/1940

The Chargé in the Netherlands ( Kirk) to the Secretary of State


4524. Dutch press.

Maasbode publishes wireless from Berlin saying that the German Government’s reply handed to Ambassador at Vienna is as follows:

Undersigned Imperial Ambassador has honor to reply to very much appreciated note of the Imperial and Royal Ministry of the 14th, instant. The invitation of the Government to all belligerent states to a not binding confidential conference in a neutral country on basic principles for peace agrees in spirit to readiness for peace and conciliation which responsible statesmen of the Quadruple Alliance and the competent representatives of the Allied peoples have always announced. Reception which such steps formerly made met with at hand of opponents discouraging; Imperial Government however welcomes this new attempt to bring just and durable peace so ardently desired closer, and honestly and earnestly hopes that the attempt made by the Dual Government in deep feeling of reconciliation and noble humanity will this time have the desired result on behalf of the Imperial Government. The undersigned has the honor to state that Germany is prepared to participate in proposed conference.

[No signature indicated.]