File No. 763.72/10661

The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall ) to the Secretary of State


3914. Through reliable intermediary I have received memorandum from unofficial but well-to-do Bulgarian who belongs to Bulgarian revolutionary organization of Geneva to the effect that Bulgarian Army has ceased to be blind instrument of Ferdinand and Germany and ardently desires agreement with its Balkan neighbors and regain sympathies of Entente. Informant states that Army is ready to cooperate in a coup d’état directed against Government and Czar if peace interests of nation will be satisfied by Entente and Balkan states. Informant claims to make this declaration in the name of secret military revolutionary organization which favorably disposed throughout Bulgarian Army and includes as leader a Bulgarian general.

Informant outlines following factors which have contributed to making Bulgarian Army ready for radical action against present Government:

Lack of necessities of life, food, clothing and raw materials;
General war fatigue and prospect of having to support further heavy losses and formidable debts without real profits;
Impossibility of living for ever at odds with Balkan neighbors;
General indignation against Germany and Turkey, discontent with the policy of Ferdinand and revelations of German and Turkish [subsidies] to individual Bulgarians to influence Bulgarian policy;
Acts of German agents in Bulgaria who behind the front have enriched themselves by theft and violence;
Consciousness that Bulgaria is only Slav state fighting with the enemies of Slavs and guarding Constantinople and the Dardanelles while [Austrians?] and Turks are free to pillage Servia.

Memorandum exposes the plans of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Party to bring about a coup d’état if America and Entente signify support. Coup d’état is to take place on first day of session of Parliament called for October 15, arrangements having previously been made for the opening of Bulgarian front for Entente but preferably not for Greek or Servian troops. Bulgaria is to proclaim itself a republic, become neutral in war but will permit volunteers to attach themselves to an expedition of Entente against Constantinople. America and Entente should approve and guarantee a [Page 284] peace between Bulgaria and other Balkan states, a peace which should assure unity of Bulgarian race and secure for herself from Turkey at least the line of the treaty negotiated London or preferably that of Midia-Rodosto. America and Entente should grant Bulgaria an opening and facilitate import of first necessities. If America and Allies accept this proposition in principle it is shown [sic] that a public meeting of all Balkan refugees, including Bulgarians in Switzerland, be held in Geneva to proclaim the fundamental principles of the union of the Balkans.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I shall endeavor to ascertain discreetly the standing of Bulgarians in Switzerland whose views are represented by this memorandum, and report further. In view of the fact that memorandum, while addressed to America, primarily was intended for our allies also, unless otherwise instructed I shall submit a copy to my French and British colleagues.