File No. 763.72/10647

The Consul General at Sofia ( Murphy) to the Secretary of State


149. First audience with Minister President completely satisfactory. He begs me to assure that while he is in power Bulgaria will maintain most friendly possible relations. Having followed attentively President Wilson’s program he is convinced Bulgaria will find a protector at the peace conference in the great Republic in spite of the fact that it fights with the present enemies of Bulgaria. Minister President anticipates intimate financial and commercial relations with North America after the war.

Concerning presence of Bulgarian officer on board German submarine1 Minister President declares that no Bulgarian officer received such order. In any case Minister President will go deeper into question and will inform me in more detail. At telegraphic request by Minister President to commander in chief latter replied that he never ordered any Bulgarian officer in that sense.

Concerning report in American papers announcing that Bulgarian soldiers are fighting on west front Minister President declares that no Bulgarian soldier has been on this front and that Lieutenant Tosheff reported captured during combat was in reality made prisoner by Servians on the Macedonian front twenty months ago and: subsequently delivered to French. I have subsequently learned that Tosheff was captured by Servians October 20, 1916, at Florina.

  1. See telegram of June 17 to the Consul General, ante, p. 258.