File No. 763.72/10355

President Wilson to President Poincaré


Mr. President: Your telegram of yesterday2 was certainly conceived in the highest and most generous spirit of friendship and I am sure that I am expressing the feeling of the people of the United States as well as my own when I say that it is with increasing pride and gratification that they have seen their forces under General Pershing more and more actively cooperating with the forces of liberation on French soil. It is their fixed and unalterable purpose to send men and materials in steady and increasing volume until any temporary inequality of force is entirely overcome and the forces of freedom made overwhelming, for they are convinced that it is only by victory that peace can be achieved and the world’s affairs settled upon a basis of enduring justice and right. It is a constant satisfaction to them to know that in this great enterprise they are in close and intimate cooperation with the people of France.

Woodrow Wilson
  1. June 12; President Wilson’s telegram was written the 13th, but was not sent until the following day.