File No. 763.72.119/1148

The Minister in the Netherlands ( Garrett) to the Secretary of State


1913. The Minister for Foreign Affairs told me tonight that the Austro-Hungarian Minister, the day before yesterday, came to see him and [said] he had received telegram from Count Czernin informing him that he had read the fourteen clauses of President Wilson’s message with great interest and that he found some of them sensible or sound (the word he used was gesund). Loudon asked Szechenyi if he intended him to convey Czernin’s statement to anyone, for instance to the American Minister; the Austro-Hungarian Minister said he did not so intend, but he had no objection as Czernin’s telegram was most unusual and he could not but think that it was meant to go further.

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Loudon believes that relations between Vienna and Berlin are not very cordial and that it is possible that Austria-Hungary may be seeking a means of expressing her wishes.