File No. 763.72Su/48

The Diplomatic Liaison Officer with the Supreme War Council ( Frazier) to the Secretary of State


69. Supreme War Council, having heard the views of Admiral di Revel, Admiral de Bon and Admiral Wemyss and having studied the report of the Allied Naval Council, are agreed that the new naval situation created in the Mediterranean by the German and Russian Black Sea fleet can be met by a proper distribution and coordination of the existing Allied naval forces in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean. They are further agreed that this object can best be secured by applying to the Allied fleets in the Mediterranean the principle of unity of command already adopted on land.

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They have, therefore, decided to appoint Admiral Lord Jellicoe to coordinate the movements of the Allied naval forces in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean as well as to arrange for the preparation and conduct of naval operations in every way. Admiral Jellicoe will make his general dispositions subject to the approval of the Allied Naval Council, but each commander-in-chief will have the right of appeal to his Government if in his opinion the safety of his fleet is compromised by these general dispositions. Details as to Admiral Jellicoe’s duties and powers are to be laid down forthwith by the Allied Naval Council on the basis that it is the intention of Supreme War Council that Admiral Jellicoe shall be in effective strategic command in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean.