File No. 763.72119/1681

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


2149. Your 784, May 21 [20], 3 p.m. As Department is aware, the Stockholm conference never actually took place but a Dutch-Scandinavian committee was formed and delegations from the Central Powers later arrived at different times and handed in reports to this committee. The official Russian delegation composed of Rozanoff, Grünberg, Smirnoff, arrived about the beginning of July and had several meetings with the Majority and Minority German Socialists. Does the Department require information concerning the activities of this delegation or only concerning the unofficial activities of Fürstenberg, Parvus, Eadek, etc., who were here earlier?1

  1. Answered by telegram No. 799, May 25, stating report on both desired. The report, 22 pages in length, dated June 15, 1918, received July 13, is not printed.