File No. 763.72Su/102

The Diplomatic Liaison Officer with the Supreme War Council ( Frazier) to the Secretary of State


48. After protracted discussion an agreement was reached on the subject of the employment of American troops and was adopted by the Supreme War Council this afternoon. The full text of this agreement will be [telegraphed] by General Pershing.

Its essential features are that during the month of May preference should be given to the transportation of infantry and machine gun units of six divisions and that the same program shall be continued for June provided that the British Government furnish shipping for a minimum of 130,000 men in May and 150,000 in June, such infantry and machine gun units to be withdrawn and united with their artillerymen and auxiliary troops into divisions and corps at the discretion of General Pershing.

After consulting with General Foch it was agreed that there would be another meeting to review the situation again early in June for the purpose of determining future action and that in case the British Government finds itself able to transport more than 150,000 men in June, anything above that figure should consist of infantry and machine gun units. The discussion which preceded the adoption of this agreement will be telegraphed tomorrow.