File No. 763.72/9428

The Greek Minister ( Roussos) to the Secretary of State

No. 1085

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to enclose herewith the text of a telegram which Mr. Venizelos, president of the Council of Ministers of Greece, will forward directly to the President of the United States on the 6th instant.

As delays in the transmission of telegrams are quite frequent, I deem it advisable to hand to you in good time the text of the said telegram, so that in case it should not reach the President in the forenoon of Saturday next, you may be pleased to hand him the enclosed text in the place thereof.

Your Excellency will kindly excuse this abundance of caution which comes solely from my desire that the greetings of the Royal Government will reach the Chief Magistrate of the great American Democracy on the very anniversary of its glorious entrance into the world conflict, a day which will stand as a historical date.

Having the good fortune of living in the midst of your great people and of witnessing the enormous sacrifices they are undergoing in order to secure justice and freedom to the world, I cannot refrain from availing myself of the opportunity to express to you the deep admiration I feel for this immense effort for a sublime ideal. The glory of the people of the United States and of those who guide them in that triumphant cause will be everlasting.

Be pleased to accept [etc.]

G. Roussos

The Greek Prime Minister ( Venizelos) to President Wilson

Mr. President: Stirred by deep emotion, the Hellenic nation salutes the anniversary of the entrance of the United States of America into the great struggle for the defense of the liberties threatened by the Central Empires and their allies. The magnificent impulse which pours upon the fields of battle of France the flower of the youth of the United States of America, and the bravery with which the first American contingents are taking a part in the liberation [Page 197] of French territory, leave no room for doubt as to the triumph of our cause.

Greece is proud to share in the sacrifices so generously offered by the democratic peoples of the world, in order to insure to all nations the right of free development for the great good of humanity. She therefore confidently cherishes a hope that when the struggle comes to an end, thanks to the support of her powerful allies, she will not only recover the integrity of her territory, but will also see guarantees of existence, commensurate with their legitimate aspirations, accorded to her congeners who cannot be brought within her boundaries.