File No. 763.72/9614

The British Ambassador on Special Mission ( Reading ) to the Secretary of State

No. 353

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have just received a telegram from the Prime Minister asking me to convey to the President the sincere thanks of the War Cabinet for his instant and complete response to the appeal of the British and French Governments.1 It has come as the greatest relief to all those who have the immediate responsibility for dealing with this crisis to know that, thanks to the President’s prompt co-operation, the Allied armies are to receive an indispensable reinforcement of men during the next few vital months.

May I ask you to be good enough to convey to the President the above message from Mr. Lloyd George.2

I am [etc.]

  1. See telegram transmitted by the Adjutant General, Mar. 29, ante, p. 187. Response was also made orally by the President to the British Ambassador.
  2. Shown to the President, Apr. 2.