File No. 763.72119So/4a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Sharp )


3391. For Frazier from Colonel House:

In reply to message Arthur Henderson sent to the President through Buckler and you,1 will you please express to him the President’s sincere appreciation for the confidence he generously reposes in him and say that the President would like to convey to him the intimation that it would make a bad impression in this country if any group of men were to visit it who would be understood to represent a party, whether that party be national or international, the people of this country being just now intolerant of parties and impatient of special missions, and this quite irrespective of the welcome they might in other circumstances wish to extend to the individuals comprising the group.

  1. Not printed; see telegram from the Ambassador in Great Britain, No. 9069, Mar. 15, ante, p. 152. The Socialist delegates referred to finally did not come to the United States.