File No. 763.72/13355

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


9196. For the President:

The Secretary of War and I have just called on Lord Derby who declared that the British setback in France is most serious and perilous. He would not call it a disaster but surely a most grave event. The Fifth British Army has suffered a bad defeat, all men and officers on leave in Britain have been ordered to France immediately. There is grave depression in London which, however, stiffens British resolution. Lord Derby and General Wilson, Chief of Staff, credit the story of a German gun which carries more than sixty miles. They lost no time in making known to Secretary Baker their desperate need of men and their hope of help from us. He is to have a [Page 173] further conference with them tomorrow after which I think he will telegraph you. Tomorrow the Secretary will see the Prime Minister, Mr. Balfour, and the King.