File No. 861.00/1433

The Ambassador in France (Sharp) to the Secretary of State


3522. Joint telegram from the Allied Ministers dated Jassy, March 27:

The information coming to us from Mr. Bertrand confirms that the Germans are progressing there without meeting with any resistance and are finding immense political and economic possibilities. They are already utilizing there large forces of former Russian prisoners formed more than a year ago in instruction camps in Germany and stiffened by Germans. They are also using Austro-German prisoners found on the territory. Finally they have begun the recruiting of a Ukrainian army. They propose to occupy Donets [Basin] shortly where they will find the raw material which they lack. Must not these terms of the commercial agreement, when [with] the exodus of the Allied diplomatic missions from Russian territory, is [be] interpreted as a total abdication of the Entente? The only means of rallying the elements still favorable to it, is an energetic and immediate military action. If this action, already much delayed, is still further postponed, it would soon run the risk of being exercised by completely enemy countries and presenting the appearance of a friendly aid for the reestablishment of a united and independent Russia. Doubtless this action can, henceforth, only be taken by way of Siberia and by troops the majority of which are Japanese. But in order to have the necessary efficacy it must as soon as possible cease being limited to extreme oriental troops and be pushed as far as the vital interests of the Allied powers demand.