File No. 861.00/2429½

The Consul at Archangel ( Cole ) to the Secretary of State


89. New government issues following orders: (1) appointing commander in chief Russian forces military and naval; (2) abolishing all organs so-called Soviet government and ordering arrest all Soviet commissars, committees, officials, etc.; (3) appointing government commissars for provinces and counties; (4) appointing governmental committees in provinces and counties, consisting commissar as above and representative from Zemstvo and city, making three in committee; (5) reestablishing municipal governments and Zemstvos, latter both provincial, county and township; (6) empowering local self-government organs control food supply, maintaining so far as possible existing apparatus but cleansing from Bolshevik elements; (7) reestablishing judicial apparatus; (8) reestablishing freedom press, conscience, meeting and speech; (9) reestablishing free existence, activity cooperative associations, labor unions, organizations to further the prosecution of war, etc.; (10) denationalizing transportation, financial and industrial institutions.