File No. 861.00/2448

The Consul at Archangel (Cole) to the Secretary of State


88. New government issued following proclamation August 3:

supreme government northern territory

To Citizens Province and City Archangel:

Bolshevik power has fallen. Bolsheviks fled because in hour of their need unsupported by populace which detested them for their betrayal of Russia at Brest Litovsk, for civil war, augmentation of universal famine, destruction of liberties and rights, legalized system of robbery and shooting squads and for their ruination of country’s economic, industrial life.

People’s representatives elected by universal suffrage now forced to take into their hands governmental authority in northern region because as yet no legal all-Russian government.

These presents bring to common notice that highest governmental authority in northern territory is “Supreme Government of Northern Territory” consisting of delegates to Constituent Assembly, also representatives Zemstvos and cities.

Supreme government undertakes following task: (1) reestablishment of single all-Russian national government by cooperation to that end with other territories, also reestablishment of local self-government in north; (2) defense of north and entire nation against insolent onslaughts on Russian territory and independence of inhabitants made by Germany, Finland, other enemy countries; (3) reunion to Russia of lost districts in accordance with desires of inhabitants thereof; (4) reestablishment of crushed liberties and reestablishment of true organs of popular government, namely Constituent Assembly, Zemstvos, city Dumas; (5) reestablishment of firm administration of justice assuring citizens satisfaction of economic, social, spiritual needs; (6) guarantee that laboring classes may obtain land they are by right entitled to; (7) defense of rights of labor in accordance with economic, political interests of north and Russia as whole; (8) overcome existing famine.

Supreme government will immediately publish orders naturally resulting from above program.

It relies for support on all classes which treasure above objects.

In particular expects to defend north with friendly assistance of governments and peoples allied to Russia: England, America, and France and others. Also counts on Allied assistance against starvation and financial difficulties.

Is convinced Russia’s and Allies’ interests in struggle against foreign enemy are one and same.

Knows Allied troops come not to interfere in internal affairs and their arrival not against desires of local population. Therefore greets Allied forces entering north to wage contest against common enemy and summons entire population to greet them gladly and assist by every possible means.

Supreme government proclaims above and calls upon people to maintain calm, order and pursue its labors.

Members Supreme Government Northern Territory: Chaikovski, Member Constituent Assembly from Vyatka Province; Ivanov, same, Archangel; [Maslov], same, Vologda; Gukovski, same, [Page 509] Novgorod; Martyushin, same, Kazan; Diedusenko, same, Samara; Likhach, same, former northern front; Zubov, Assistant Mayor, City Vologda; Startsev, Vice President, Archangel City Duma.

Archangel, August 2.