File No. 861.00/2108

The Consul at Archangel (Cole) to the Secretary of State


Just received at 9 in the evening the following announcement from the People’s Commissary, Kedrov, mentioned my telegram 99, [Page 487] Embassy,1 and 117, Consul General,1 with accompanying letter from the local civil authorities:

In view of the well-known international and political situation. I announced that the arrival of a foreign warship, especially with an armed crew, at Archangel, where there is now concentrated an enormous quantity military stores and explosives, will be regarded as commencement military operations which may lead to serious consequences.

The Archangel Provincial Executive Committee encloses an announcement made by the People’s Commissary Kedrov and requests that all war vessels of the country now within the port of Archangel be immediately removed from the district as above mentioned.

The same has been sent to British Consul, French Consul. Former conferring with commander of ice breaker. Have advised British Consul my opinion is that everything under the English flag should be withdrawn to Murmansk pending decision about military intervention, or until entry can be made with a sufficient strength to guarantee quick certain occupation.

I shall answer authorities by the obvious statement no naval forces here.

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