File No. 861.00/2103

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


Poole wires following received to-day:

People’s Commissariat Foreign Affairs allows itself to request American Consul General at Moscow to direct attention United States of America to the fact that the presence of military vessels belonging to the belligerent powers in the ports of the Russian Republic, with the possibility of their leaving for the open sea at any time for military purposes, must be regarded as inadmissible by the Russian Government. People’s Commissariat expresses certainty that the United States Government, which has given so many proofs of its friendly attitude towards the Russian Republic, will lend attention to this stipulation which is obligatory upon Russia, and will give it full consideration. People’s Commissar Foreign Affairs, George Chicherin.

Note of like import sent Lockhart but states in addition that writer “has several times pointed out to you necessity for English vessels to leave our northern ports,” and ends:

Hopes that you will draw the attention of British Government to the impossibility of the further stay of English military vessels, even in small number, in the ports of the Russian Soviet Republic. Chicherin.

Note to French Consul General states that further presence of vessels of warring powers in ports of Russian Republic is inadmissible—

even when long stay of such vessel is not connected with any military operations. Commissariat therefore expresses hope that French Government will not delay in recalling the military vessel which is in the Arctic Ocean near the Russian Coast. Chicherin.

These messages received midnight en clair being translations of originals in Russian.