File No. 861.51/364

The Ambassador in Japan (Morris), temporarily at Vladivostok, to the Secretary of State


The visit here of Prince Lvov and his earnest plea for Allied support of the Omsk government have had a pronounced effect upon [Page 405] the opinion of the Allied representatives. This has encouraged Vologodski, the provisional president, to ask for immediate financial aid and I have been surprised to learn that the request has been favorably considered by the French High Commissioner and the British Diplomatic Agent, both of whom have recommended to their Governments that 15,000,000 rubles be advanced immediately.

My own opinion is that such action would be premature and ill advised. Nothing I Can learn of the Omsk government would justify confidence in its permanence. It was apparently organized as a result of the Czech successes with the hope that it would command the support of Allied troops and Allied money. It seems to represent very little beyond the opinion of the few men who compose it, and is already torn by factions.