File No. 861.48/706

Memorandum of the Third Assistant Secretary of State ( Long )

The Russian Ambassador called to-day and asked what the intention of this Government was as regards the sending of military supplies to the Russian people. He had several cables from the Omsk government indicating that they were forming an army to fight against the German and Austrian prisoners opposing the Czechs on the Volga River [and] on the Ekaterinburg front. This government has asked him to send them some of the money which is held in rubles in New York and which they now need. He said he did not know what effect the meeting at Ufa would have on the future of the Omsk government and he did not know that it mattered materially because in Ufa and Omsk and in all of the other places where there are movements of Russian regeneration there is a desire to become active against the Germans. Before replying to the cable he wanted to know whether he could encourage them in their expectations that they will receive help.

He said that he had been in contact with Mr. Baruch who was sending supplies to the Czechs and he hoped that Mr. Baruch could expand a little bit and let some of these supplies go to Russia. I told him that we could send supplies and lend men to the Czechs because we recognized them as a nation, but that there was no government in Russia which we could recognize. I suggested that he also talk to Mr. McCormick and have Mr. Ughet of his Embassy call upon Mr. McCormick.

Breckinridge Long