File No. 861.00/2627

The Ambassador in Japan ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


The General Staff to-day confirmed the report that connections had been established between the Czech forces operating east of Karymskaya and those which had been cut off in the Baikal region. This connection was effected by the capture of both Chita and Karymskaya and trains are now being operated from the Irkutsk to the Onon River. The bridge over the Onon is still unrepaired. Otherwise through service could be established to Manchouli, thus releasing all the Czech forces in Siberia. The General Staff still fear the activities of Austrians and Germans in the Amur region. In Central Siberia reliable reports indicate close cooperation between Czechs and the Central Siberian Army.

The third Japanese division has been fully mobilized and it is expected to embark from Ujina for Manchouli Saturday afternoon. It is apparently the intention of the Japanese General Staff to begin operations at Karymskaya eastward to clear the Amur of the Austrian and German prisoners concentrated there. In the meantime the main part of the French forces and a portion of the British contingent have left the Ussuri front and have passed through Harbin on their way to Manchouli. The success of the expedition to relieve the Czechs seems now assured.