File No. 861.00/2550

The Russian Ambassador (Bakhmeteff) to the Secretary of State

[The following paraphrase of a telegram was left by the Ambassador at the Department of State on August 17, 1918:]

Professor Grebenehikov to the Russian Ambassador at Washington

Sir: Much obliged for your answer and readiness for cooperation. America’s declaration that she is ready to give all kinds of support to Russia in her political and economical revival evokes most comfortable frame of mind in all classes of population. Western section of Siberian government informs us that the boundaries of Siberia include Urual [Ural] region. There also have been proclaimed rules for keeping order, also exclusive rules for martial law by civil and military authorities. The completion of the Siberian army is carried out on the principle of complete centralization. In relation to this there arises the extreme need of urgent shipment of all kind of army supplies. Relying on the declaration of America we address to the latter the request of large assistance in war munitions for the new army for fighting Austria-Germany. We shall soon send to America a general commission on questions of financial and economical character for ascertaining the situation of purchases of war sup plies formerly made by Russia and the possibility and conditions of quick delivery to Vladivostok. With regard to the above questions we request your authoritative and energetic cooperation and reply.

For Minister Counselor to Ministry Foreign Affairs
Professor Grebenchikov