File No. 861.00/288

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis) to the Secretary of State


1110. Orderly quiet still prevails. Present eminently wise arrangement estops claims of any pretended blood successor as the Grand Duke Michael represents hereditary succession after abdication of Tsar and the Tsarevich and his qualified acceptance nullified any pretender’s claims by preserving Imperial succession until the people act.

Understand that Provisional Government needs funds badly. England has been financing Russia and is likely to continue whenever Allies unitedly recognize the present Government. Assistance to meet pressing necessaries would be very opportune and highly appreciated. Financial aid now from America would be master stroke.

Immeasurably important to the Jews that revolution succeed. If Jews make such advances, however, great discretion should be exercised lest revolution assume a phase which would arouse opposition to [of] anti-Semitics who are numerous here.