File No. 861.00/286

The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


234. Russian Legation, Stockholm, has received through official press bureau following proclamation of Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich:

Heavy burden has been placed upon me by the will of my brother in that he transfers Imperial throne to me at time without parallel, and during internal troubles. Inspired by same thought which inspired [Page 7] all the people that welfare of Empire goes before all else I have firmly resolved accept highest power only on condition that this is will of our great Nation as the people should establish form of government and new constitution of Russian Empire through plebiscitum expressed by its representatives in Constitutional Assembly.

Invoking highest blessing upon you I request all subjects of Russia to submit to Provisional Government formed on initiative of Duma and having all power and authority until within short time Constitutional Assembly chosen by general, direct, equal, and secret reelection shall express the will of the people by its decision regarding form of government.