File No. 861.00/1613

The Consul General at Moscow ( Summers) to the Secretary of State 1


438. By decree March 21, Moscow Commissariat Military Affairs has incorporated anarchist forces into socialistic army on equal footing. Since then de facto authorities have requisitioned and have given to official anarchist group approximately 30 large private residences for publication newspapers and organs propaganda. As result of protection present government anarchism has openly spread over Russia. As result of growing power and insults offered Colonel Robins of the American Red Cross, who is on very intimate terms with Lenin and Trotsky, orders were given on the 13th to arrest all anarchists. This was done after considerable resistance and partial destruction by artillery of the houses occupied by anarchists. It is understood also that Count Mirbach, the German Ambassador, who is expected in Moscow daily, warned the local authorities that anarchism must cease before he arrived.

  1. Sent via the Consulate at Vladivostok.