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The Minister in Sweden ( Morris) to the Secretary of State


1720. Swedish press reports concerning Moscow Congress: Lenin made speech showing necessity accepting peace so painful to Russia. Reviewed historical course Russian revolution and reminded audience great victories revolution had won although now suffering defeat through German imperialism. He said: “We must accept this peace as momentary respite, awaiting time when European proletariat will come our assistance.”

Reports from Petrograd: Peace treaty ratified midnight March 15.1 After ratification Steinberg, Commissary Justice, announced Social Revolutionaries of left repudiated all responsibility and reserved right use every means their command prevent execution conditions of treaty.

Reports consequence ratification peace treaty Commissariat of People has provided former president Russian delegation Brest to be Russia’s ambassador Berlin. Swedish press comments presumably Sokolnikov and not Trotsky person referred to. That post covered so soon doubtless of great political significance as initiating modus vivendi between Germany, Russia.

Reports from Petrograd: Strong detachments Red Army disarmed and arrested guard Regiment Preobrazhenski counter-revolutionary plans being suspected.

Reports British Consul Moscow has requested all British subjects prepare leave Moscow.

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Reports Odessa and Nikolaev taken by Germans without fighting. Russian fleet Odessa fled Sevastopol. In both cities Germans immediately repressed Soviets. At Nikolaev they took possession shipyards. German offensive continued towards Kherson.

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