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Baron Rosen 1 to President Wilson


Public meeting convened in Petrograd town hall by Society for Promoting Friendly Relations between Russia and America.2 After being addressed by American Ambassador and Foreign Minister sends [Page 33] to you and the American people whom you represent in such noble way its fraternal greetings and expression of admiration for your constant upholding of the great principles of freedom and right. We are deeply convinced that our two countries which represent the greatest democracies of the world will remain forever closely united and work in common for the progress of humanity.

Baron Rosen

  1. Russian Ambassador at Washington, 1905–11.
  2. For the account by the Ambassador in Russia of the Russian-American meeting of Apr. 23 in the hall of the City Duma at Petrograd, mainly devoted to denunciations of the idea of a separate peace, see his telegram No. 1217, Apr. 24, 1917, Foreign Relations, 1917, Supplement 2, vol. i.