File No. 861.00/328

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis)


1350. At request of Mr. Gompers, transmit following to N. S. Cheidze:

Executive Council, American Federation of Labor, in regular session here as representatives of the labor movement of America send fraternal greetings to you and through you to all who have aided in establishing liberty in Russia. We know that liberty means opportunity for the masses, especially the workers. The best thought, hopes and support of America’s workers are with your efforts to form a government that shall insure the perpetuity of freedom and protect your rights and new-found liberty against the insidious forces and agents of reaction and despotism. May we not urge you to build practically and constructively? Our heartfelt sympathy is with you in the great opportunity and work that lie before you. Samuel Gompers, James Duncan, James O’Connell, Jos. F. Valentine, John R. Alpine, H. P. Perham, Frank Duffy, William Green, W. D. Mahon, John B. Lennon, Frank Morrison, Executive Council, American Federation of Labor.