File No. 861.00/762

The Ambassador in Russia ( Francis ) to the Secretary of State


2063. Your circular 28th.2 Had personal talk with British Ambassador to-day who thought nothing doing now in matter mentioned in your 18711 which was plan of Verkhovski when Minister of War. British Ambassador admitted had received instruction to do nothing toward recognizing Soviet government. His official statement quoted in my 20493 did not definitely so state and I think failure intentional. He is anxious lest some British subjects be interned here if socialist[s] not released in England. British subjects still refused exit. Proctor’s fears mentioned in my 2056 are exaggerated.

British Ambassador says heard French wireless received stating that Paris conference had agreed on instructions to Allied missions in Russia which will be immediately transmitted.

Japanese Ambassador with whom had talk several days ago says no Japanese troops expected in Russia. Main reason therefor appeared to be physical obstacles as he said distance so great and rail transportation so limited that many opportunities for impeding progress by burning bridges front and rear and destroying tracks. He consults with me and appears quite calm. Greatest menace I see is demobilization of the army if armistice negotiated especially since Trotsky threatens to permit soldiers to retain arms.

Kaledin may possibly cut off food supplies from this section if Assembly interfered with. If so grave consequences will ensue.

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Reported that Caucasian front numbering 400,000 did not elect a single Bolshevik to the Constituent Assembly. Reported that Bolsheviks captured Dukhonin and staff at Mogilev.